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Our Community

In addition to our faculty and staff, we also want to acknowledge our student and alumni communities, particularly our Undergraduate Student Advisory Council, Graduate Student Advisory Council and Civil and Environmental Engineering Friends Association. Their insights and expertise have been invaluable in shaping these strategic directions.



  • Anne Speigle

    Anne Speigle

    Senior Graduate Coordinator

  • Amy Shepherd

    Amy Shepherd

    Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Tabitha Rohn

    Tabitha Rohn

    Research Administrator

  • Justin Roelofs

    Justin Roelofs

    Engineering Technician

  • Jessica Petras

    Jessica Petras

    Marketing Communications Specialist

  • Jan Pantolin

    Jan Pantolin

    Technical Services Supervisor / Structures Lab Manager

  • Kate Kusiak Galvin

    Kate Kusiak Galvin

    Senior Project Manager

  • Neda Masoud

    Neda Masoud

    Assistant Professor

  • Matt Blank

    Matt Blank

    Student Services Manager

  • Patricia Brainard

    Patricia Brainard

    Department Administrator

  • Sherry Brueger

    Sherry Brueger

    Senior Administrative Assistant and Human Resource Coordinator

  • Steve Donajkowski

    Steve Donajkowski

    Mechanical Technician

  • Stephanie Ford

    Stephanie Ford

    Research Adminstrator Lead

  • Susan Kaiser

    Susan Kaiser

    Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Ethan Kennedy

    Ethan Kennedy

    Electronics Technician

  • Christine Kropelnyckyj

    Christine Kropelnyckyj

    Research Administrator Senior

  • Ingra Stimach

    Ingra Stimach

    Financial Specialist

  • Rebi Varghese

    Rebi Varghese

    Desktop Support Specialist
    Senior / IT Manager

  • Curt Wolf

    Curt Wolf

    Managing Director, Urban Collaboratory

  • Tom Yavaraski

    Thomas Yavaraski

    Lab Services Supervisor / EWRE
    Lab Manager

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